Spokane valley sewer hookup contractors

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Spokane valley sewer hookup contractors

Skip to Main Content. Show All Answers 1. My septic tank works fine, so why do I have to connect to the sewer system? To eliminate the possibility of the effluent partially treated sewage from your septic tank and drainfield from leaching into the Aquifer, which is a sole source of drinking water for over , people, the County undertook a mandatory septic tank elimination program in the Urban Growth Area. Each property is required by County Code to connect to the sewer and abandon their septic tank within one year of being notified of the availability of sewer service.

What happens if I do not connect? Failure to comply with the requirement to connect to sewer by the deadline will cause our office to turn the matter over to the Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney for legal action. Can a contractor "mark-up" the cost of the sewer connection permit? Spokane County does not get involved in what a contractor charges you for the permit s or any other aspect of your contract. We suggest that you get at least three written bids prior to signing a contract for your sewer connection.

Can I do the sewer work myself? Yes, the sewer connection work can be performed by the property owner provided that the owner attends an on-site consultation with Environmental Services personnel prior to doing the work. Signed agreement to the consultation is required prior to permit issuance. The property owner cannot perform work within the public right-of-way. There are significant potential risks related to digging and working in trenches and Spokane County recommends the property owner give careful consideration to the risks and liability before undertaking this work.

Can I drain my swimming pool into the sewer? The Spokane County sewer system is designed and intended for sanitary sewer usage only. Draining swimming pools into the system would reduce the capacity in the collection lines and the capacity in the treatment plants. Your monthly sewer bill is based on water usage in your home. A single family dwelling is billed based on an average monthly water usage of cubic-feet. Discharging your swimming pool would exceed the amount of usage you are billed for. Can I have a RV dump on my parcel?

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The RV dump cannot be used to serve an RV or mobile home that serves as a residence. It is only allowed for occasional use by the owner of the property and cannot be used as a community or family RV dump. If it is to be used as a commercial RV Dump, plans would have to be submitted to the Spokane County Environmental Services Department for approval and sewer connection fees and usage fees would have to be determined and satisfied. Can I pipe floodwater from my basement or foundation drains into the sewer? Pumping floodwater from your basement or foundation drains into the system would reduce the capacity in the collection lines and the capacity in the treatment plants.

Discharging sump pumps or foundation drains would exceed the amount of usage you are billed for. Can I pipe the roof runoff into the sewer? This answer is similar to the above answer pertaining to swimming pools. In addition, roof runoff is considered stormwater, and Washington State Law prohibits the injection of stormwater into a sanitary sewer system.

Live on the South Hill?

If allowed, you will probably be required to install a sand trap and an oil-water separator to prevent soils and oil from entering the Spokane County Sanitary Sewer System. Can my next-door neighbor and I share a common trench with our sewer pipes?

Yes, but first, a private sewer easement must be established and the easement document must be recorded with the Spokane County Auditor's Office. A copy of that easement document must be provided to the Environmental Services Department before a sewer connection permit will be issued. Does my septic tank have to be removed?

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No, it can remain in place. A licensed septic tank pumper must remove the contents of the tank, and your excavation contractor is required to fill the empty tank with sand, pea gravel, or clean native material. If the septic tank is not filled at the time of sewer connection and inspection, a separate permit and inspection is required by the Spokane Regional Health District for abandonment of the septic tank.

How should I go about hiring a side sewer contractor? Sewer Pipe bursting is an attractive replacement method for several reasons. First, it is trenchless. This type of sewer repair causes less disruption to city streets, lawns and business is minimal. Sewer Pipe Bursting allows upsizing of existing sewer lines.

Spokane valley sewer hookup contractors. Backflow Prevention & cross-connection control Related.

Second, pipe bursting is the only trenchless method of repair that allows for the upsizing of existing lines. Sewer Pipe Bursting is ideal for tough installations. Third, the new pipe, typically HDPE pipe is strong, yet flexible, making it ideal for tough installations. Sewer Pipe Bursting is economical. Finally, pipe bursting is economical compared to open trench methods in many instances.

In , a total of , feet of pipe was replaced in North America using pipe bursting technology, compared to less than 20, feet in In , that number increased to over one million feet of pipe. Using the most advanced technology we have today, we are able to pull a new pipe through and existing one even if that pipe is completely full of roots or broken. We dig two ditches, one in your house for connection to new pipe. One is the street for connection to the city sewer or your drain field. Pipe bursting is the most common method. You will also get a 50 year warranty on your sewer replacement bursting.

Using the newest method for non-burstable replacements. We are able to replace any sewer in a day. If your sewer comes in through your foundation wall or non burstable location, we can clean, and then replace your sewer using a re-lining method. We use liquid pipe to blow into the old pipe and reline it with a new harder than pipe lining. This is guaranteed for 50 years as well as all Pip-bursts.

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Most common use of this technology is when you switch from a drain field or septic tank to city sewer hookup. We can switch you from your current sewer septic and directionaly bore you a new. At Kalin Excavating we work closely with the spokane county building department and spokane county utilities , pulling permits, analyzing as-builts. Sewer hookups can differ greatly as to the approach of construction. Some jobs make more sense to bore, cutting down on the destruction of property.

We at Kalin Excavating know that hiring a sewer line contractor can be a important decision that is why we recommend asking the spokane county utilities department for advice when picking the right sewer line contractor. Are you thinking about adding value to your home by hooking up your house to the sewer system?

If so, look no further than Kalin Excavating. Kalin Excavating has been installing professional, quality home sewer hookups for homeowners all around the Spokane and Spokane Valley areas for more than 20 years. You can have a trenchless sewer replacement done in one day, no need to make a mess.

spokane valley sewer hookup contractors Spokane valley sewer hookup contractors
spokane valley sewer hookup contractors Spokane valley sewer hookup contractors
spokane valley sewer hookup contractors Spokane valley sewer hookup contractors
spokane valley sewer hookup contractors Spokane valley sewer hookup contractors
spokane valley sewer hookup contractors Spokane valley sewer hookup contractors

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