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For your daily serving of nostalgia , take a look back at our favorite foods and snacks from childhood. Surprisingly, some of these '90s foods have actually withstood the test of time, while others now live in '90s snack heaven. From the chocolatey and grammatically incorrect Oreo O's of yesteryear to the still very delicious Gushers, these are the 37 '90s snacks that will bring you back to the tasty decade in a big way.

View this post on Instagram. A post shared by thuggedoutorthopedicz on Jun 26, at 1: Each juice bar tasted like your favorite Minute Maid juice all wrapped up in a neat, frosty, cone-like package. Walking down the freezer aisle of the grocery store after school, there's no way you wouldn't beg your mom to buy you some of these icy treats. Soda Licious candy 90snostalgia allthings90s ilovethe90s s 90skids 90sstuff 90scandy sodalicious bettycrocker. A post shared by Your Nostalgia Fix for the 90s all.

29 Differences Between Life In Your Early 20s Vs. Life In Your Late 20s

There was no need to choose when the soda-flavored Soda-licious candy was available for purchase. A post shared by Simon Morykin simonmorykin on Aug 14, at 8: They don't make this anymore A post shared by nostalgic rush. How parents ever let their kids eat these rainbow-colored yogurts is a mystery that has yet to be solved.

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These Trix cereal-flavored yogurts can still be found online , along with numerous slime tutorials based on this favorite '90s snack. Turn on Doug, grab your cherry coke and gushers, and enjoy yourself a nice feast by lunchables after a long Monday. A post shared by 90s. When mom forgot to pack your lunch, that meant one delicious thing: The DIY lunch kits gave you the option of creating your own ham or turkey and cheese cracker combos, or tiny personal pizzas, that usually came with a small treat and Capri Sun on the side.

Thankfully, these '90s snacks still bless most refrigerated sections of supermarkets and offer even more varieties today, like nacho cheese and chicken popper Lunchables. A post shared by Niki Thomas mannyandliddy on Sep 2, at Vienetta is truly the classiest ice cream cake ever to be made. It's beautiful ripples of ice cream, like the hide of a Shar-Pei oozed elegant decadence, whether they were being served after dinner or at a birthday party. And for those curious to see how this majestically layered cake is made, you need only to watch this video.

Cookie Crisp was introduced to the cereal aisle in , but fully caught the attention of children everywhere in the '90s. And how could it not? It's cookies for breakfast! WarHeads Candy 90snostalgia allthings90s ilovethe90s s 90skids 90scandy warheads. There's still nothing that compares to the experience of having a War Head purse your lips from its overpowering sour flavor. Hugs 90snostalgia allthings90s ilovethe90s s 90skids 90sstuff 90sdrinks hugs. Little Hugs juice aka colored sugar water are magical, colorful flavor explosions, and you can still order them online to quench your thirst.

Could anyone even play a song on one?? A post shared by Children's Fashion Label tullyandthechief on Sep 27, at 8: The blessed Melody Pops are still available for purchase on Amazon , for those looking to bring a little more music to snack time. With String Thing, you can do crazy things!

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String Thing was a literal string of candy that you were invited to play with as a child and it was glorious. What could be better than a bowl of Nostalgia on a Saturday? Sure, Trix can still be found in the cereal isle, but we swear it's not as much fun to eat without those cool flower cereal pieces mixed in. A post shared by Sweets N Treats sweetsntreats on Sep 28, at 8: Oreo O's were basically just chocolate Fruit Loops, but who are we to judge!

Oreo O's were a beautiful chocolatey start to the day, and truthfully we could really use them right now.

These smelled so good. A post shared by The Nostalgia Whore thenostalgiawhore on Aug 21, at 6: Oatmeal Swirlers brought your breakfast to the next level with a sweet blend of sugars and spaces. And if I'm being honest, oatmeal hasn't been the same since.

2. Soda-licious

Dear doritos just let me know where to send my address so I can special order these. Ahhh the memories 3DDoritos. A post shared by Richard A. Newberry ranewberry on Oct 13, at 7: Sadly, after the discontinuation of these multi-dimensional snacks, 2D Doritos just don't do it for me anymore. A '90s snack casualty we'll never get back. She said the first time, she met with Trump in his office and he kissed her on the mouth, which Zervos rationalized as simply a strange greeting. On a separate occasion, she said she met with Trump at the Beverly Hills Hotel to discuss business opportunities.

Instead Trump grabbed her while she sat next to him and began kissing her and touching her breasts, Zervos said in her statement.

When asked why she chose to come forward now, she said: Zervos as one of the many contestants on The Apprentice over the years. To be clear, I never met her at a hotel or greeted her inappropriately a decade ago. Zervos continued to contact me for help, emailing my office on April 14th of this year asking that I visit her restaurant in California. Anderson says she was out at a Manhattan nightclub with friends, sitting on a red velvet couch, when she felt Trump reach into her skirt and touch her vagina through her underwear, The Washington Post reports.

It is totally ridiculous. You know when a gross guy at the bar is checking you out? Trump did not specifically dispute this allegation, but has denied the broader accusations that he walked into pageant changing rooms unannounced.

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Boyne, who at the time worked at a think tank, said the women at the dinner were all sitting at a circular booth bookended by Trump and Casablancas. According to Boyne, the women could only exit the booth by walking on the table. She told HuffPost that Trump did not pursue her sexually, but asked her opinion on who at the table he should sleep with. Hope Hicks responded to the allegation in a statement to HuffPost: Trump never heard of this woman and would never do that. More than 30 years ago, Leeds was traveling for work when she sat next to Trump on a flight to New York.

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A Running List Of The Women Who've Accused Donald Trump Of Sexual Misconduct

Leeds, who is now 74, told The New York Times that she and Trump spoke for a bit, then about 45 minutes into the flight he lifted the armrest between them and began to grab her breasts and put his hand up her skirt. Trump vehemently denied the story. An attorney representing him has called upon The New York Times to retract it and has threatened to sue the publication.

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The New York Times responded. Crooks says she was assaulted by Trump in an elevator while working as a receptionist for a real estate investment and development company in Trump Tower. Trump began to kiss her on the cheeks, then directly on the mouth. She was there to help a friend who was photographing the concert, when she says Trump groped her.

She writes that Trump insisted on giving her a private tour of the grounds, at which point he pinned and kissed her: I turned around, and within seconds, he was pushing me against the wall, and forcing his tongue down my throat When he pulled my face in and gave me a smooch. She remembered Trump responding: In a statement to the Washington Post , a spokesperson for Trump denied all allegations that he walked into the changing room while women were naked.

Dixon told CBS 2 Los Angeles that when she was 18 and competing in a Miss Universe pageant, Trump walked into the changing room while the participants were changing. There was no second to put a robe on or any sort of clothing or anything. Some girls were topless.

buzzfeed dating now vs 90s Buzzfeed dating now vs 90s
buzzfeed dating now vs 90s Buzzfeed dating now vs 90s
buzzfeed dating now vs 90s Buzzfeed dating now vs 90s
buzzfeed dating now vs 90s Buzzfeed dating now vs 90s
buzzfeed dating now vs 90s Buzzfeed dating now vs 90s
buzzfeed dating now vs 90s Buzzfeed dating now vs 90s

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