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Serosorting is obsolete in the age of undetectable=untransmittable. (read more below)

As the Summer Daze Clears, Mr. Keep It Together David and Johnny are committed to each other—and to overcoming any challenge to their union. Infatuation Station My first date with Mr.

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Man and I did it sober. Click thru to read how. Meeting for the first time can be nerve-wracking.

How can I prepare for a first date? Here are some tips that will hopefully ease some of your first-date nerves.

Did Prince Charming Choose the Hottie With HIV?

Catch of the Day Featured Profiles As part of our effort to help spread the love, we are introducing a new regular blog column to highlight Catch of the Day members. Looking for Dick How a search for sexual meaning helped me find my true self. B ehind every troll there is an ocean of insecurities; and sometimes people say offensive things without meaning to.


How to Date an HIV-Positive Guy

Whether you're pursuing him or turning him down, doing it right just takes a little education, some common sense, and a focus on some minor details. Think before you write any of these ten things: You just found out he's poz. If you were in person, you'd be excused for taking a moment to figure out how to respond. How can we play safe? It's no coincidence that the terms "unclean" and "untouchable" are used both in caste systems and employed to denigrate HIV-people.

You cannot run away from HIV by segregating yourself from poz people.

Respect his privacy.

At least calling yourself clean exposes the kind of bigot you are, so the poz person you said it to is probably thrilled to have dodged a bullet. In the end you're not choosing to stay clean, you're choosing to stay ignorant. Let's get one thing straight: Secondly, people have every right to treat their medical information as private and cofidential until there's a need for you to know that information. If there weren't stigma around being positive, people would feel free to disclose earlier, but questions like this reiterate that being openly HIV-positive opens people up to being stigmatized.

Poz people come out all the time. There is no hidden agenda. People don't infect people; viruses do. A person can transmit HIV, but it's the virus that causes the infections.

10 Things You Should Never Say to an HIV-Positive Person on Grindr

Health departments do reach out to a person's past intimate partners when they test positive, but they do not share other people's private medical information. So this kind of question can't really elicit the "truth. Instead, these types of questions are an attempt to make an HIV-positive person feel like they need to sequester themselves in a shelter and never come out except to water the plants or get the newspaper.

Take responsibility for your own sexual health and play safe, and you may never need to answer this question yourself someday.

What Dating Is Like When You’re HIV-Positive

Again, stop depending on poz people to take precautions for you. So what are you doing to protect yourself?

Top 9 HIV Dating Sites of

Are you taking PrEP? Are you bringing condoms and using them correctly? Are you following advice on having safer sex without a condom? Maintaining your sexual health is up to you — no one else.

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