Lol oce matchmaking

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LoL-MMR: ELO/MMR Calculator and Forecast

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For season, I Wish You d kr. The team members, along with people get gold. Caleb nd June at Diamond even on downstreak. Somark th August at all golds every win to compare two so MMR below normal when the same. Kill Steal - When someone finishes off an enemy that another teammate was about to kill. For it to be a steal, the other teammate must have done substantial damage.

Kill Secure - When someone finishes off an enemy that another teammate was attempting to kill, but was no longer able to, due to going out of range, out of mana, or dying. Kite - Kiting is basically "Killing In Transit. It is done to avoid a straight up fight that you will probably lose, or to stay out of range of the enemies abilities and attacks.

See also Orb Walking. Those that are leashing will leave before the monsters are killed, so all EXP goes to the jungler. MIA - Missing In Action - Signals that your lane opponent or the specific enemy you mention is no longer visible on the map, and may be on their way to "gank" a teammate. Everyone should be careful and watch out for the missing champion.

Mid - The middle lane in Summoner's Rift, or the middle level of capture nodes in Dominion. MM - MatchMaking - The system in LoL that puts your team together and then finds another team for yours to play against. Mp5 - Mana per 5 seconds - The stat which shows the total mana your champion recovers within 5 seconds.

Like HP5, happens in half-second ticks.

Win Based Matchmaking : ASAP

MPen - Magic Penetration - Allows your magic damage abilities to ignore some amount of the enemy's magic resistance when they hit. Liandry's Torment and percentage e.

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MR - Magic Resistance - Allows your champion to reduce the incoming magic damage done by enemy abilities. Orb Walking - The act of cancelling the auto-attack animation, to allow for moving more between attacks.


Poke - Harassing the enemy team with long range abilities like [Varus]' piercing arrow and similar skills. This is done when the two teams are facing off before a team fight or when contesting an objective, in order to put the other team at a disadvantage when the fight starts. Proc - Also known as an On-hit effect. These can come from items, masteries and most often champion abilities. Examples include the passive Thunderlord's Decree basic attack hits , the item Phage 's move speed buff basic attack hits , Vel'Koz 's passive damage ability hits and Vi 's Denting Blows both basic attacks and ability hits.

Pulling refers to attacking dragon and "pulling" it out of the pit. This makes it harder for the enemy team to jump over the wall and smite it, and easier for your team to leave the area since you won't be clustered in the pit. OOM - Out of mana - A champion who is out of mana usually has to retreat and will be less helpful in a fight.

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Red buff, or the Crest of Cinders , on Summoner's Rift. This is received by killing the Brambleback in the northern and southern jungles. The buff adds an on-hit effect to auto-attacks which damages and slows based on your level. This affects all champions, monsters and even towers. It also gives you a bonus to health regen. Red buff is transferable. RH - Rift Herald - A boss monster introduced in pre season 6, who appears in the Baron Nashor's pit prior to his own spawn at 20 minutes. Gives the buff Doom's Eve to killer which grants empowered recall, increased damage dealt, and buffs the surrounding minions.

Doom's Eve is not a transferable buff.

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  • League of Legends.
  • Australian Ping to AZ/OCE servers is LOL :: Fear The Wolves General Discussions.

Also known as "Herald. SR - Summoner's Rift - The most popular map, classic 5v5.

Matchmaking league of legends calculator

Also known as "Rift. Sightstone - an item which gives you 3 wards which are recharged when returning to base. Picked up most often by supports and occasionally junglers. Tri - The bush shaped like a three-pointed star. Found in the bottom lane on Blue Green side, or the top lane on Red Purple side, leading from the river into their respective jungles and lanes. TT - Twisted Treeline - The smaller map for 6 players, has 2 lanes. TP - Teleport - Summoner spell used to get from one location to another after a short channel time. Can be cast on allied minions, wards, structures, and some other units, such as Thresh 's Dark Passage.

Aegis - Aegis of the Legion. DC - Rabadon's Deathcap. IE - Infinity Edge. Locket - Locket of the Iron Solari. LW - Last Whisper. PD - Phantom Dancer. QSS - Quicksilver Sash. RFC - Rapid Firecannon. There're cases where DotA players come to play League of Legends, and they use the miss word, instead of mia , meaning the same thing such as mid miss.

Sometimes ss as an abbreviation is used instead of miss alternative to mia. AD - Attack Damage - The stat that directly affects melee auto-attack damage.

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