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I recently got one. Spagett on one cheek, Dr. Brule on the other, high fiving right above the crack. Turned out really awesome. How much would tuition be to Sailing Quallage? Also, who was your favorite celebrity to work with on the show so far? Also, do TV producers ever need convincing that certain jokes are indeed funny enough to be put fourth or are there a lot of things that get held back from lack of freedom? We don't practice anything. We're just two fucked up individuals with with severe mental issues. Would you have sex with with Tim if they would air it? And I don't mean faking it.

Where do you get the ideas for your characters? Any based on people in real life? I love Beaver Boys.. We go into the dressing room and try on different variations of wigs and make up until we find something that works. We write around that. Where did you last leave him? Check under the couch or your dads dirty socks. They like dark damp places. In the episode with the third nut when you and Tim are doing lemaze, it sounds like you're both saying "Scheer!

I say this because I watched a youtube video of you and Tim promoting Shrek 3 during the Human Giant MTV takeover whatever and figured you're probably good enough friends to do something like that. I just don't get the humor in your shows, congrats on your success though. The whole "Anti-Comedy is comedy" thing just completely goes over my head.

Are you musically active anymore? You were a member of several bands in Philly, and it seems like that's fallen by the wayside with Tim and Eric's success, even though Tim just came out with a collaborative album. Along with that, from your perspective, does your comedy come from a place of pure irony, or a place of sincerity? Do they co-exist in your work? Are the two interchangeable for you? I really want to congratulate you guys on being some of the most hilarious people I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

Me, my wife, and her entire family were in tears watching the: There are others I can't even think of but I remember laughing my ass off. Tim and Eric has been one of my favorite shows for years. I am an audio engineer, songwriter, and a sound designer and have always been in taken back by the great work you do as well as the amazing audio work involved in Tim and Eric.

It has been my dream to be apart of such great work. Any feedback would be appreciated I have spent way to much of my time imagining what it would be like to be able to create and work on something as great as Tim and Eric or for adultswim in general. If you're good, and have a bit of luck, you might get a break. I have been working on that resume for a long time and still building!.. If you or douggpound have any need for an intern I would love to help out with anything. Or if you have suggestions of people at adultswim to Send stuff it would be greatly appreciated.

But thanks so much for getting back to me i have immense respect for everything you have done and please do not stop. Did you shoot Awesome Show Great Job! He was my teacher for TV-Film in High School and claimed that you both used to prank call him all the time. Me and some friends of mine met you, tim, and greg turkington neil hamburger , as well as the rest of pusswhip banggang at a hotel in norman oklahoma on the chrimbus tour.

We saw you the day after in dallas tx. Just wanted to say we've been to two live shows of you guys' now and they changed our lives. Is there going to be anymore touring after billion dollar movie?


Is there any place I can watch the pilot you guys shot with neil hamburger? It seems like your work really draws on the hollowness of consumerism - was this something you set out to do from the beginning, or has it always been more of an organic artistic voice? Or am I totally imagining that? I emailed you the genius skit idea where Spaghett and Tony Danza team up to solve mysteries and it's all based around Tony's line "Spaghett about it" I never saw it enacted and I am wondering if it was for lack of trying or if Tony Danza was just not on board.

Please clear this up for me. What would your character's class, gender, race, and name be were you to play a 3. What was it like directing the music video for Major Lazer's Pon de Floor? Did you get to meet Diplo, Switch, and Skerrit Bwoy? That would be all, keep it up, you're hilarious. I was always curious as to how you got started working with some of the guest talent you've had on the shows. How do you go about getting some of these people to come on your show for what sometimes ends up being only a few seconds of screen time?

One episode comes to mind where you had a big chunk of the Kids in the Hall on screen together in a sketch. It seems like you guys got to that point in a big hurry. Second, if you guys could find time to ever be on the WTF podcast with Maron that would be awesome. We made a bunch of stupid shit in college, mostly for friends and whatnot - we sent a tape to Bob Odenkirk not expecting a response. A few months later we were in LA.

What was the deal with those guys moshing and dancing during the National? I forget if it was Tim or Eric who filmed it The taller dude. How much of the show is improv? I find it hard to believe that you guys wrote, planned and executed the "White Boys" bit, in particular. Because I saw DL Hart's public access show and it was the most hilariously awesome thing I've ever seen. I miss that show.

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The Pipe Camp song is still stuck in my head! Tim writes an autobiographical novel, Choices: Tim's eyes are pecked out by crows. Flamboyant pop group The Paynus Brothers start a spanking craze. Cinco advertises the Sleepwatching Chair. Tim and Eric don yellow suits and jackhammer tiny planets in outer space.

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Steve Mahanahan will be going to jail for touching a clown, but his father Donald's Original Child Clown Outlet remains in business. Disaster strikes when the Stontmehn Brothers perform the "exploding pumpkin" trick on Feminine Perspectives. Tim and Eric compete against each other to determine who is the "number one handsome man"; the Cinco Face-Time Party Snoozer is introduced.

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Tim and Eric Nite Live!

Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie. Awesome Record, Great Songs! Retrieved from " https: Articles needing cleanup from March All pages needing cleanup Articles with close paraphrasing from March All articles with close paraphrasing. Because nothing else would sufficiently explain to me why they are as weird and incomprehensible as they are. For an actual explanation: That's the inspiration for the low production value. And the "low production value" spoofing is brilliantly done.

There's the ridiculous surrealness to what they do is funny in itself, but the subtle bits like random jump cuts to irrelevant footage and improper keying and stuff like that is hilarious. It's still some of their best work. I fit the above criteria up until 30 seconds ago and I still don't have any idea what this is supposed to be.

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This video was the inspiration for this. Hey, I think I recognize that computer. Pretty sure it's an early SGI Indigo 2. Very strange computer to have sitting around for a prop. They still go for a few hundred bucks at vintage computer shows. Looks more like an Indy to me. It's a little easier to see in this version of the music video.

Also holy crap you linked all your favorites in this.

tim and eric dating petite feet Tim and eric dating petite feet
tim and eric dating petite feet Tim and eric dating petite feet
tim and eric dating petite feet Tim and eric dating petite feet
tim and eric dating petite feet Tim and eric dating petite feet
tim and eric dating petite feet Tim and eric dating petite feet

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