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We can and will deliver maximum results from all our data and resources, to get you on as many dates as possible with no effort on your part. How many dates can I expect to go on per month?

Frequently Asked Dating Questions

Although this varies from client to client depending on their preferences, most men will be set up with 4 or more dates per month with women they want to meet. How much does it cost? After working with more than 1, clients since , we've realized that men who want to go on great dates and, ultimately, meet the woman of their dreams cannot be boxed up into predetermined packages. During our complimentary consultation session, we get to know you and what you're looking for before presenting the exact solution that we're confident is the best fit for your needs.

Click here to sign up for your minute consultation now. I don't live in North America. Do you take on clients outside of the US and Canada?

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We get a ton of clients in London and Sydney, and we can help you anywhere in the world as long as it makes sense for us to write for you in English. How do you represent me accurately?

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting massive response from women starts with nailing your profile. It's the foundation of who you are online, and it has to be done right the first time so it will reap rewards for weeks and months to come. Because we'd never want to misrepresent you in any way, here at VIDA, we work hard to ensure your profile is completely accurate, but also alluring to your ideal type of woman.

It starts with a minute interview where we get to know as much information as possible about you and your personality. This allows us to paint a very attractive yet authentic picture of who you are in your profile text. If you don't feel like we hit the nail on the head the first time with your profile, we work together with you until it describes you in just the right way. Our commitment to accurate representation shows up in our customer satisfaction surveys, where clients consistently give us the highest marks in this area.

Are you sure women won't realize something's not quite right when we meet? Assuming you don't tell them, they will never have a clue. In the answer to the previous question, we explained that we always represent you with total accuracy. Further, if you've been on a lot of online dates before, you'll also know there's already a really large discrepancy between what you see online and what you get in person.

That's simply the nature of online dating, and there's extensive academic research out there that supports this. No woman will ever think it must have been someone else sending the emails. Am I able to access my dating accounts and see the messages you're sending? Yes, you have full access to your online dating accounts and can see every single message we ever send on your behalf. Think of it like this: These are your dating accounts and you're simply allowing us to access them. If you decide to stop the service, you will retain the accounts and can even put our proven material into play on your own.

We obviously don't want this to happen, but there will be nothing stopping you.

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With VIDA, you'll have front-row tickets to the show. How are the women selected and what if I don't like them? You will like them because you are the one who ultimately decides who you want to meet and who you don't. Of course we narrow the enormous pool of profiles down to only the most attractive and interesting women for you.

Once we've done all of this tedious sifting work, you simply give us a thumbs up or down on each of our selections. This approval step can be completed either before we send them an email or after they respond.

Find a photographer in your area now

That's up to you. Can I pick the women myself?

If you want to do some or all of the searching on your own, you are welcome to send us lists of women that you like and we'll reach out to them. How long does it take to get everything set up and going? However, there are a few approval steps that require your input, and if there are delays on your end, it can take a bit longer. It's rare, though, that we aren't messaging women within two weeks of your signup date.

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How long does it take to meet someone special? The right dating photo on your profile can get you better dates and fast!. We've scoured North America for the very best, professional photographers to take your online dating pictures.

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  8. We rejected "chain photo" shooters and mall photographers so you won't get a cheap-looking "graduation" photo or a cheesy glamour shot. Fewer than one in 50 professional photographers have the skill and experience needed to shoot the kind of online dating photo that you need and we demand. Your photographs will be taken by a talented professional photographer in your area. Click here to choose a photographer. Your dating profile photo session may take place at a pre-arranged location near you, at your home or even at the photographer's studio, if they should have one.

    When it comes to online dating pictures: Dark clothes are best, but steer clear of stripes, checks and bold patterns. Check out our tips for some great suggestions for dating profile pictures. Your photographer will discuss with you your clothing options - what would you wear on a date??

    Online Dating FAQ's

    With our Silver Package you would pick one casual and one slightly more formal or with our Gold and Platinum Packages, you could do two different types of casual, and then again, the slightly more formal. Most photographers will be able supply hair and makeup services for a separate charge if you wish. Please ask your photographer about costs and availability when he or she calls to confirm the appointment for your "profile pictures photography session" Prior to the date of when you'll be taking your dating photos.

    Please contact your photographer directly if you need to change your appointment and have them confirm the new date. If for some reason you can't reach your photographer, please contact us.

    How is it different to just any old speed dating event?

    If you need to reschedule your dating profile photo session, you must do so within 30 days of your original photo shoot date. If you cancel within 24 hours of your shoot, you are still obligated to pay for that shoot as LookBetterOnline is responsible to pay the photographer for scheduling you that day. When rescheduling your new shoot with the photographer, we will offer you a discounted rate for the same package but ask that you then pay your photographer directly on the day of your new shoot.

    If you are unhappy with the quality of the photography of your online dating photos, we can give you one free re-shoot. Optional services are non-refundable. No re-shoots will be entertained for any reason after this period. Only if we feel that the lighting, shadows, contrast or color in your dating profile photos need to be enhanced or modified to cast you in a "better light".

    We also offer profile photo retouching services. Please click here for more information about black and white online dating pictures. Yes, in addition to online dating photos, if your photo shoot is for your corporate or personal website or business. LookBetterOnline is a great way to get a professional photo shoot for your website at a very reasonable cost. We also offer group rates if you need employee or team photos. You can discuss any special requirements with the photographer when he or she calls to confirm your appointment. We want you to have the best online dating pictures! When you login to the site to collect your pics, you will be asked to rate your professional photographer, your experience and your dating profile photos.

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    Online dating faq

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